Monday, December 06, 2010

New Blog Design How Easy Is That Now

After long time without blogging - starting again next year - I wanted to test the new Facebook Badge and found the new template editor. Well, apart from that I must change this badge before I apply it for good, I am really happy about the dead easy design possibilities!
  • No more hunting for better templates (well, there are some that look chicer, but all this customizing takes away too much time from blogging)
  • 3 colums! - how hard was it to find such templates , and specially such that really work with the funtional elements of the sidebar. Now one can even alternate between wide and narrow boxes. This is just perfect.
For now, I'll go on checking the functions. What I'd like, and what never worked in the past, is different fonts for the body and sidebar. Of course I must first go through the posts and check, why some are normal, others in much too big letters... .

Another novelty: I just see I'm in IE now - and it works! after for a long time I could not even log in with IE.

What is different after publishing this test post?
  • It needs 2 returns after a paragraph.
  • The headline is grey now - must make it blue again, like the old ones.
  • I don't find the post too narrow anymore, so no need to change this in the HTML, as I had to do before, cool. 
Oh oh, I must change the formatting of every old post individually, and in different ways. Might do this later, but who reads them anyway.
Arranging widgets... . That's it for now. Re-arranging the sidebar- and new footer-widgets will take some time and consideration ... . Going to do that later. There are two possible wide sectins, and only one with two narrow columns, which unfortunately can't be split. (or can I change the Html, so this works? Forbidden thought for me, would take ages again... .

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