Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Online Business Action Plan

Establishing an Internet Presence

Whatever you want to do to make money online – don’t believe there are any shortcuts. The majority of all those “dead sure five step action plans” that are around only work on the basis of solid Internet Presence.
This is real hard work, and it will take some time until it is done. Some more time until it gets known. But is has to be done only once.
1. Building a primary homepage and blog 
     with personal domain and hosting
– absolutely NOthing free - for introducing Yourself and your business(es) likewise.
2. Set up business- and advertising- sites and pages.
          Have them ready before you start advertsing and step 5
3. Set up a blog for your offer or your niche at the same time.
          Network Marketers: Set up two separate blogs. Treat your niche /
          offer and your business opportunity as two different things.
4. Advertise and start building your list.
         Advertise your own sites / pages which carry your offers of
         affiliate products, so visitors can return to you and you can build
         your own list, not the vendor’s. Keep the traffic you create for 
         yourself as far as possible.
5. Unify your appearance on the Web 2.0,
        so that people always know it is you.
        The “link to your homepage” should really be to one of your 
        homepages even if affiliate-links are allowed. It gives a better
        impression, traffic, maybe back links, even page rank for you.
You're done - half ways
Now you can relax a bit, but there is still much work to do:
  • Permanent advertising for traffic.
  • Email Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Tracking visitors for referring sites and keywords
  • Tracking ads for effectiveness
  • Blogging regularily
  • Refreshing websites
  • Optimizing websites
  • Linkbuilding
This list is actually almost endless, but when getting into the routine, you can do it without getting exhausted. Autopilot traffic, for instance, does exist.
Warning to newbies, who believe “you don’t need a website”:
At least half of the work is in vain, when there is no concentration of traffic and visitors to one or few unique centers which you own and control. Even a “personalized website”, which in most cases differs just in some appended affiliate id from the thousand others is not enough. A simple redirect or sub domain from your own domain can do magic.

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