Monday, February 02, 2009

Multiply - Relativly new Community-Platform, recommended by MSN to Replace Groups

This is actually just a Test for cross-posting between Multiply und Blogger.
Here on Multiply they have an interesting Blog-Function: You can import all your Blogs into the Blog here. (testing Blogger now.) Lately I imported all my feeds into, and into friendfeed of course, like everyone does.
But from Multiply one can also cross-post back to the imported blog. Of course it would be nonsense to post the same content to every blog one has. One can select which posts to import and edit them also, and the export is selective too. I think it is ideal for a blogger with several blogs to be able to manage them all in one place. A kind of "Metablog" (I tried on Bloglines, but it did not work.)
I wished, I could find such a system for WordPress - or is there a plugin I just cannot find?
One of these appliances one can post to everywhere is - but this only for microblogs and profile messages.
Test 3: Now I must look, if it is an RSS feed and this here post is automatically re-imported.
Test 2 was: does the draft save to the recipient-blog? - No, it does not, must be published first.
Test 3: No, it is not an automatical feed, and it must be imported manually, and it is kind of tedious to uncheck all the posts you already have imported or did not want to in the first place.
Still it is cool to be able to post to two blogs at the same time - for me, when I post bilangual, and for everyone who talks about the same thing under slightly different aspects in more than one blog.
Hmm - for those who might think now it would be a good idea to quickly set up multiple Blogs and blast out 25 times the same... NO!!
This would be exactly the useless spam that brought about the Google-slap against Squidoo 2 years ago. A blogpost should always be unique. This convenient posting to more than one blog in one go should be considered as a kind of social bookmarking of an idea in advance, like you would normally do bookmark an exerpt in various places after a post is finished.

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