Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get Fit and Stay In Shape at Home and at Your PC

My Squidoo Lens shows
Physical Fitness Exercises for Computer-Workers, -Nerds, and -Geeks

As an internet affiliate marketer, I spend
most time of the day (and night) working at the computer, and I guess, Im not the only one. Specially when we do homebusiness, many of us tend to neglect our figure. And we do not realize that we get big and bigger round the waist, hips, and upper legs, until one day we want to wear something we did not wear for some time, and then the zip does not close...

But we can stay in shape without much ado, right here at the computer, no matter how (un)fit we are, wether we are female or male, over 40, perhaps over 60 or under. We only must start - right now is the best time.

Some Slight Movements and Isometric Exercises, Dynamic Sitting to Relieve the Back, Build Muscles to Burn the Fat around them, Stretching, some words about Eating and Drinking....

... Whatever can be done without going to a gym, without taking too much time, and whatever can be done to improve our wellness.

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