Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally: First Things - Brainstorming

After more than a year of looking around, yes, it is about time to get focussed. Question is, on what - so I better make a list now, and why not blog it, as blogging was the start of it all for me anyways, and I really must post more often.

So... What do I want to do online?
Hmm - what I really want is of secondary importance unfortunately. Therefore let's say here:
I want to earn a living from what I do online. - Why else did I become an Internet Marketer....

Now I learned so far, that the basis is advertising, in any possible way.
But there are just too many ways to actually work in them all. That does not mean to drop all the others and use just one way, but I must pick one after the other and intensify it.

I know by now, what I must do and have about one million guides by about one million gurus which contain about five million diffent advises. - Impossible to sort out this information overload.

So what I am doing now is, scaning my harddrives with closed eyes and picking up long forgotten useful programs, like the one mentioned below. But I must not forget to keep my eyes open and see what is going on at this moment as well.

First, there is a new PLR-Giveaway opening ... Again without me, again no chance for me to build my own list, but I know too, the next JV is coming soon and it is better to be really prepared - not to find something to give away; that is easy - no, one must be prepared to have and maintain the list.

(mental note: discuss this in my Squidoo Lens, as well as the fact, that I am indeed astonished, how few of the many many newcomers to jvs have indeed not been prepared for that, as I see from just too many newsletters I get the content of which shows me this.)

(mental note 2 absolutely unsubscribe from everything for the time being - how can I read these 36+thousand unread mails? I cannot even delete them sorted in time before my bottomless yahoo box is filled!)

(mental note 3 do make some special notes about what content could be fed into your autoresponder, and ask the support what happens, when the last prewritten message is sent to everyone - But really do that later!)

My next steps now - unordered yet:
  • Try to make a business plan
  • Blog all about this stuff, and sort WHERE
    when ordered, I should officially open the Internet Marketing Blog at
  • Make a Site, on everything concened with advertising first, like the one about the List Builders. Why concerned with advertising? - I need downlines everywhere of course.
    These sites (accompanied by my lenses will be on:
  • - Traffic Exchanges
  • - Blogging and marketing with content (perhaps a second lense on that)
  • - Communities
  • - Safelists (will come first, directly after reading the Ultimate Safelist Survival Guide by my fellow-safelister Soren Jordanson, who knows how to do this more effectively then I so far)
  • Set up and maintain all my Adsense Sites - that is, for heaven's sake not all of them!
    Only those to be combined with I what I have up already, Internet Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing (must urgently be updated), and my niches in waiting: Anything concerned with --> Health, Wellness, Beauty, Weight Control, --> Love and Relationships, Dating etc. Online mainly.
  • Everything with matching affiliate products
  • Write some eBooks - why else do I collect PLR like mad? - almost evry item can be improved, updated.
  • Most important and hardest to accomplish: Apply everything to German circumstances and start through selling Herbalife here - with the help of internet marketing...
    I just hope, I do not have to become a 'Guru' here first, cause upto now I can see no practicable schemes here :((
    So for I saw, we 'imported' Empowerism and Yorgoo - and I what think about such programs that are nothing but expensive downline builders, I will state more explicitely in a planned lense on newbie traps ...
    Otherwise we have about two traffic exchanges and some paidmailers - but perhaps I can make my son get a good traffic site going on one of the cool domains he recently registered...

Ok, now I'll look this over, find the links I might put here - grin, no post without advertisment - and the next post will follow very soon. After the Real Life Work of accounting -

My daily work organization is now: -->Accounting, Taxes, 5 hours; -->doing the house, 2 hours; -->working up neglected household, 2 hours; --> special housework and other things to prepare a short trip in two weeks, 2 hours; -->writing and mailing out adcopy, 2 or 3 hours; -->cleaning mailboxes, downloading, sorting stuff, 6 hours, +-> chat interruptions, 3 hours more, +->random TE-surfing, 1 hour

Oops, I forgot some breaks for eating and preparing food - well, sometimes my son does that, but we cannot live of pizzas and baguettes, lol. Howmany hours of sleep did I plan in?... Let's sum the above up...

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