Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Niche Marketing - Creating Your Own Product - with Private Label Rights

All the big hitters and power players will tell you that you need to be creating your own products and marketing them to make the really big money.

And you know what?

That’s absolutely correct. If you want to explode your business and create cash out of thin air then you need to be marketing your own stuff not only affiliate products.

But...and this is a huge “but”.

Creating products is not at all easy. I mean, think about everything that goes into just a digital ebook...

You have to research and write the ebook. That could be anywhere between 40 and 100+ pages.

Then you have to write the sales copy...and not just any old sales, you need to write copy that bends wills and makes people buy.

Next, you need to create a Thank You/Download page, upload your products to your server, and link them to those pages...

And, then you need to handle the graphics. I’m leaving out some other minor details but I’m sure you get the gist...there’s a lot to do just to create and sell one ebook.

There is a way out of the largest part of all this work:

Private Label Rights. Buy the PLR products, put your name on the ebook and the Sales Letter and just minutes you’ll have “created” your own brand new product.

You find Private Label Rights all over the Net at the moment - but this would be too easy money of course. You need quality products you can really be proud to put your name on. You must find a site you can trust to deliver those; so that you indeed need to make minor changes only.

And the PLR would be quite useless still, if everyone can get them. Further: To really stand out from the crowd you need to find cutting edge products like audio and video.

Paul Kleinmeulman is launching Automatic Niche Profits today. You NEED to get over there to register right now because he’s limiting the number of members and his sites usually sell out in a couple of days.

He offers Private Label Rights to High Quality Products, including Audio and Video.
If you’re ready to profit at will, take your life and your business to a whole new level, and create money out of thin air, then you owe it to yourself to at least have a look.

I consider myself lucky a friend of Paul was allowed to share these details before the general public finds out. Now I may pass the advdvantage on to You... take it while you can.

Automatic Niche Profits

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