Monday, August 21, 2006

Link Popularity

One of the important things for the ranking of a website is its link popularity. that means, it should be linked to many, preferrably high-ranking sites.

Search machines would then follow those links and find the site.

A good way to get links is a link exchange. I recently joined one called LinkMetro.

A slight disadvantage might be to land on a sites "linkfarm", because search engines are overtaxed, when there are more then 150 links on one page, but having no inbound links at all is a worse one.

Links should always be reciprocal. Putting up a link on ones own site without a backlink on the other one (outbound links) does not increase one's link popularity much, on the contrary, it might overflood the site.

Therefore one should be careful when one allows or even aks for comments . There are many 'nice' creatures around who write their ads, or leave their backtracks instead of a comment.

Here on blogspot it got better since better precautions against link spam can be taken, luckily the word verification alone deters those people.

(Please don't mind that I do not let comments be visible at once, but only after approval, which I forget sometimes for some days.)

Did I get linking requests?

Oh yes, more then I exspected. But nobody puts his links on the main page. So I finally got my new link directory up and all the links off my blog again.

Everyone controls now and then, if his own link is still on the link partner's site - at least he should. Link exchange services do that automatically when the request is approved. - I do not know yet, if they check back later and I will have to verify the new location of my linkpartners' links.

To those who check back themselves - and everyone else who is interested to see it:

Neila's Link Directory and the Link Exchange Links are now on my new Domain.

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