Friday, May 12, 2006

Basics - How do I get Started?

A close internet-friend of mine once upon a time came across a newsletter from well known Internet Marketing Guru. He learned a lot about strategies and so on - but nothing about the very simple basics, the every day (hard) work of the online maketing newbie. Somehow I fear, there are more like him around here in 'Cyberia'.

That is, why I want to write some small articles about the very basics now. I do not claim to, or want to be a new guru, lol, I can only write my own experiences. (And I am not one of those who got rich in the net :( - but I think, I am on the right way.)

First I looked for Instruction - and my first mistake was: So much information overload that I still don't know whom to follow, what to read and work through first. So I now keep up getting my hands on whatever goodies I can and sort out what to start or use, or promote, one thing after the other. It would have been better to stick to one sceme from one person and work it through - but then, how can a newbie judge on the quality of what he is learning?

My Situation now: I have an internet presence - since some time before I started marketing.
Sure, it is possible to do it without any own website, taking up an affiliate program where they give you a site, do the actual selling themselves and give you a provision.

You get paid for promoting the site/product - so what you first need is a media to show it. I always read, that a blog is a good one - then you must get people to read it, and for that you need the same media - well, I found, that showing my blog to get traffic and readers is not enough to make them buy or even take your things.

Blogs and RSS publishing are increasing now, (I hope quickly, because I have no time to read my emails anymore, it takes too much time to even sort them, lol.)

What one needs to make a site seen is: ==>Traffic ==>Written Media (up to now maily newsletter, ezine, but always email.

On all these things you can find articles, tutorials, en masse - I will soon recommend some, but for now I stick to the basics, right at the bottom,
following: Traffic Exchange
List - Most important for Emails ('cause you may not spam)

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