Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Countdown - 10 more days until ... The next huge Web 2.0 event

... the Pre Season of the greatest Internet (Marketing) Event of the year starts.No, this is not some Advertising gag, indeed, the best Online Training (mind you, the hardest as well) I ever had is completely free!Ed Dale and Dan Raine, highly successful Online Marketing Experts, Business Consultants, are calling all Marketers (and Bloggers who care for more publicity) to take the fourth
Thirty Day Challenge.
What is that?An absolute Beginner with no Skills required (except writing of course) will be trained to make his first 10 Dollars online within the 30 Days of August.
The link above leads to a video where Ed Dale explains it exactly.
Subjects:Social Networking, Online Teamwork, mutual Social Bookmarking - only valuable content allowed -, Linking?, etc., probably Twittering. And cool Tools.
If you think, you know about that already, you'll be surprised, what Ed und Dan will bring up - When last year I saw my own Article on the frontpage of Google for 3 Days, I could not believe it. (And darn, I didn't even think of taking a screenshot.)
Information Marketing, SEO-Marketing, and for this reason Article Writing.So far the short summary content - it is, I think, all still available on the Blog or on YouTube now.
What is coming 2008?Top Secret, but do watch the Start Off Video inside, it is so inspiring (perhaps just for me, in memories of last year) - The Story how it all began 2005 until now, and see how exited Ed is, lol, that's why he started one month earlier - and to give you time to watch all the instructions about the Tools, you are going to (re-)discover and use for the Online Training. - Almost forgot an important tip: go to the Forum, read a bit, but specially: find a team, the quicker the better.I do hope you can make it - a well prepared Month of fun, hard work - The Thirty Day Challenge - August 2008. I heared, the first one was great already, 2007 brought great changes to important parts of the Web 2.0 - I'm getting exited about what will happen 2008.

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