Thursday, January 17, 2008

What every Internet Marketer should know about the Power of 'Social Marketing'

-Video - 'Everything you "know" about Web 2.0 is WRONG'
Social Marketing with actionable steps - from StomperNet

Learn what Social Marketing means to your business and take away some clear, easy, actionable steps you can use right now. It's a must-see for anyone with a business website."
Awsome Video! I thought I knew quite a bit about Web2.0.... but this video + report reveals so much more. - Well, a lot of work and time to be spent, but now I know it will not be wasted. Don really pushed me foreward.

I don't know how to give a short overview of all the contents...
Main point: Web2.0 is more powerful than SEO - but remember, Leverage can work in both directions - one must do it right.

The aim of Social Marketing is: Deliver GOOD CONTENT to high ranking Community Sites.

One of them is Squidoo, which I luckily discovered already (and in Blogging for Business my first post was already about one mayor mistake bloggers were just being prepared to make - then I made a mayor mistake myself - I'll confess this later)

Ok, to keep this post short: Anyone thinking about social marketing, social networking, relationship- and content-marketing go to the stomperblog and read it there.
Everything you "know" about Web 2.0 is WRONG

"But we're here to make it right. Brace yourselves, folks. This video is a doozy. Personally, I think it's the best one in the whole Going Natural 2.0 series so far. ...
Don Crowther's been in the secret StomperNet labs for the past several months, wrapping his arms around this whole "social media" thing you may have heard about. And he's uncovered the TRUTH about some of the biggest myths out there:..."
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I'll go and practice speaking now.... And struggle with the movie maker to make it do what I want, istead of freezing the screen all the time I try to insert or edit sound....

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