Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some Facts about Traffic Exchanges (pt 1)

I just joined a brand new Traffic Exchange, and I even consider an upgrade, (cheap Founders Offer, not OTO before one saw anything,) which I hardly ever do, cause surfing does not harm me that much (while I watch TV and occasionally really want to concentrate on that, or one of my former chat friends calls me.)

Super Surf System

If you notice what a chance this is, don't read on and act right away.

If you ask yourself, why would anyone bother to show the sites to about 20 people, is that worth while? -
Here are the main reasons:

Fact 1:
For more exposure and credits and less clicking You MUST BUILD A DOWNLINE.
Now imagine, you are in a huge TE like,

There are over 100.000 Members now! I wonder, if anyone is not in
there yet... and one simply Can NOT Build a Downline there anymore :-( ,
unless one buys it.

I'm a bit angry with myself for not getting the idea to join a brand new
TE for this reason, when
Dragon Surf launched - and oh, it has grown soo huge so fast! (15.000) (just not for me)

Now I check my theory about joining a brand new program right at the top.

10 sec timer, ratio pro:1:1, free 2:3 - it is designed to be a pro exchange,
and with the low price he asks for the first 200, the owner has not really worked
out free conditions, but I checked -(it is a principle for me to never join anything paid before I see it's good and before I see I can earn the promised
commissions - I could as a free member of Super Surf System
just they are held back until I upgrade ( and thus get the price back), and are only for the first level. (you might know my issue with those downline programs, that never pay free members - more here: ).
Support and Site-Approval super fast.

Fact 2:
How long do you WATCH all those sites you see?
Only when they can catch your eye while you find the correct button to
click - this is perhaps under a second. (Sound mostly just goes on your
nerves, video has perhaps not even loaded.)

This may be different in Blog Exchanges, where one also goes to browse other blogs, but sure not for a 10 or 15 sec. timer.

So - that is 2b actually - The Surfbar matters as well. Everyone is afraid about automatized clicking, so complicated letter codes or micro pictures have to be matched and everyone stares at the surfbar to not lose a click on the wrong symbol, or concentrates to get the correct answer to a however simple, but unexpected question.

This is ok in the Super Surf System , here are 4 coloured squares, and an occasional code.

But fact 2 remains, more or less, the sites flash by, nobody really watches them. and however many members there are, it is not that 100.000 see your site, and even if so, it would be 1 in 200, 300.000 at least.

I suppose, the only time one does look at the other sites is, when you are new to a traffic exchange and want to know, what is going on there in general.

Only 18 Members yet at Super Surf System while I write.
I still believe it's worth while joining this early, consider:

- New members will be streaming in and they must surf 50 sites to activate
- they will definitely see your sites among those few that exist up to now
- and, as it is advisable to check out what the others are showing when you join, they will probably do it.

That makes sense, don't you think? And it costs nothing to take the test.
(But watch the numbers closely, it would be a shame to miss the chance to log this launch price - and the numbers will multiply quicker every hour now) - oops 25 already! after 20 Minutes!

I don't know, how many are in when you read this - look for yourself, if you can still get in at the top! Super Surf System Good luck !

- Update: 29 at posting time -

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