Monday, December 10, 2007

The Spacelady's new Blog at Adland Pro

Here it is, at last - the Adland Pro Community has Blogs for us.

Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click. Remember? - A Traffic Exchange for free Classified Ads and much more. (See my "AdlandPro Homebase" in the sidebar.) You can get a complete Home Office with Autoresponder and publish an Ezine. I must check out the new services, like pay per click soon.

But first I had to grab my Blog - without opening post, straight telling the community about my response to The Death of Networkmarkmeting:

Spacelady's blog

" The Death of Network Marketing

Awsome report!

Gives me back my self-confidence to read that experts explain why my assumptions were correct.

I just wished, the company I am - well, a customer of -, did not restrict access to their new modern internet resources to those who have an enourmously high monthly sales volume.

It makes me so angry, that I, the simple distributor, am not entitled to build a downline for myself (I'm sure welcomed to work for my upline though) - and also the only useful tools to attract customers online are kept from me.

I would indeed not be sad, if this company did crash and had to renew itself, cause I still like the product. - Well perhaps there is hope I find another company which is not only fair, but even encourages Internet Marketing....

Who has not yet read, specially who still believes, failing is their own fault, must read this asap. (costs nothing)

The Death of Network Marketing "

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