Saturday, August 25, 2007

List Bandit is so Annoying

"Here is another site that belongs in the “pain in the arse” category. I normally couldn’t care less about a site like this ."Exactly my opinion, as I am constantly on the hunt for List builders, that work for free members - unlike this one, which doesn't pay commissions to them even, as far as I know.Worth while reading Phil's inside report!

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Sam said...


WOW, what a refreshing site where one can see some negatives on programs. thanks for your thoughts on List Bandit. I noticed just today a new push and I thought G Ambrose to be an ok guy but now I have to reconsider. Thanks for your specific points. Your english is impecable. Well it makes since that your German because I doubt an American would threaten to criticize any of these $$ making programs. Your blog is now at the top of my list. Cheers,