Monday, July 23, 2007

More about List Building - JV Giveaways

The very First Thing an Internet Marketer needs Is A List -
there is no way around it... So I really Must do this now. But it is
not as easy as it sounds in the invitations to Joint Ventures I get from so many more advanced marketers on whos lists I am...

(look at the invitation that hides behind the banner here and at those on Neila's Crazy Giveaways )

The first problem:
Gina Gaudio-Graves and Henry Gold launch The 117 Selfimprovement Gifts

You can still join as partner, and if you have a list already quickly invite them (and even win a great price at the referral contest)

Definitely there will be quite a rush on these high-in-demand niche products.
Here is the link to the gifts. You can get them from Tuesday, 24th on.

My second problem:
I have indeed lots of good stuff. Selfimprovement is one of my main subjects too (or was, before I had to concentrate on marketing itself too much). - But, again, I feel a bit intimidated by the mass of valuable products and new products some of the others have listed there already, and by the fact that I have no chance to get on the first page anymore. (Listing rank is dependent on the number of partners and members recruited, and I'm too late again.)

The third problem:
(and this is one I share with many new marketers, just they don't seem to see it this way...)
... joining a JV and providing a gift is not enough! Sure, with a good product I could get all the promised 1000s of subscribers, even sell my OTO to one or the other - and then??

I still don't have a real newsletter or ezine. I must offer something to Keep My Subscribers. More about this I am just starting on my Suidoo Lens:
List Building on Squidoo

So, also for this time I can only grab the far more then 117 SelfImprovement Gifts and invite you to do the same.
(perhaps you can still Join the JV)

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