Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to School

Tomorrow I'm starting with the Thirty Day Challenge. First thing was, I had to join a team - well, as this is me, I almost lost it again in the last minute ... But now I'm in again. I'm going to find the new team blog in a minute, also the Facebook Groups, as soon as Facebook is up again - and of course I'll create a new lense in Squidoo.

Yes, I must admit, what I hope to learn most in this Challenge Month is to overcome my organisation problems.... What was that I mentioned some posts down? lol. But I can see, this is not really just a personal problem.
Here is the list of what I must do now, immediately:

- Mail my Safelists - whether that makes sense or not - skipping it for a month just when I try doing it better, following
The Ultimate Saflist Survival Guide , will bring even less result.

- leave my life-sign on above mentioned team blog.

- Keep up with the videos - luckily most preliminarilary tasks are creating accounts in all kinds of Web2.0 Programms in which I am already since ages, or so.
- "Real Life" - oops, I forgot my poor fish! - brb
- Washing - postpone, tomorrow

- online banking, yes, in any case before I go to sleep (hmm, if tonight I get to that at all)
- some private online life, I really must talk with someone for some time, he called twice offline and I cannot get wise and neglect him....
- that will at least give me room to catch some downloads before the giveaway closes .

Ok, now I hope my new Windows Life Writer, (found in Windows Life Spaces for free download) really is as cool as it looks, and this here post appears as it is supposed...
But thinking about Real Life... First of all, right after examinating my new post, I must EAT...

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