Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New(ly Revived) Trend: Pay Per Lead

Have you realized that lately several (rich and) influential internet marketers pay for new Leads? They do not buy them from a wholesaler of course. The leads they get are much more interested and targeted then those that are paid to read, and probably more efficient then those who sign up to a list for a gift or a free membership.

This method of List Building sure costs a lot of money in advance, but all in all, in the long run it must still be a relatively cheap method to build a huge viral list with a lot of money to come out of it again. They pay around 1$ when a subscriber joins their list - and it is said each subscriber is worth 1$ a month...

I wished I could pay 10 thousands of Dollars in advance to build such a huge list within days, lol, but there are at least some quick Bucks in it for us "small people" - because this is, how it works:

You are offered a free report - like "The Rockefeller Files" by Keith Wellmann and Eric Rockefeller - go ahead, Get It! - and READ it, it's awsome, tells you about the New Ways Your Internet Marketing Plan should take from 2007 onwards.

Perhaps you know end of last year Mike Filsame did the same with "The Death of Internet Marketing" . You still get two tires commission for that free report as well. - And if you did not read it yet - which I absolutely recommend to do - you can still download it (and then earn for referring others).

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