Monday, December 04, 2006

List Building on Squidoo

List Building on Squidoo: "Is Safelist Mailing Worth The Effort?

Does anybody read Safelist Mails?

It is really shocking - the other day I sent out about 8000 emails on 'The Death Of Internet Marketing'.

And I was so early this time, I had already sent out the warning before I received all the many mails about this from all the people on who's lists I am!

I got only 43 clicks to my link, and obviously none of them could sign up because of a bug. (I had to sign up 3 times before I got a confirmation.)

Well, I found the explanation to such things in the report...-
which I believe to be a very important report, and if you want the chance to really make something of the time you spend online, I recommend you download it and read it before you do anything else.

The Death of - See-Why

The title of his paper is deliberately provocative, please don't let it put you off. The contents are high quality, and very valuable.

Another strange thing is, that so few readers follow my invitations to the GIVEAWAYS.

(The links are always on Neila's Crazy Giveaways
Latest News: Santa Was Sighted ! Come, Get Your Gifts
List of Other People's Crazy Giveaways)

Anything related to Internet Marketing cannot even be given away anymore! People don't click such links? (They would find lots of Niche Products too, but don't even look.)

Or is it just that nobody looks at his Safelist Mails, not even at the headlines?

Obviously also credit links - which half and half lead to my Blog or directly to the most impotant recent opportunity - are only clicked, but not followed, the open site ignored."

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