Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Private Label Rights Site Launched only Hours ago - A New Chance To Create Ones Own Products Effectively - Sold out over half aready!!

Kevin Lynch Proves That You Can Make Money with

There was a video, wichich you can probably watch on the site still.

More about PLR products and what to with them in several posts, 'cause I'm a collector of Private Label Products - I seldom buy them, so I do have lot more work to make something own, but they still are a great help.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Neila,
Paula Gaon here. You've joined me at The Opt-In List. Thanks and welcome. What's this all about the death of internet marketing? I haven't read the report thoroughly, and admit that it's a bit hard to follow; would be interested to hear how you see it. Please drop a line to the email address on my welcome letter.