Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Boom of Giveaways and Free Membership Sites

Is it still possible to SELL information material and marketing tools ?

2006 seems to be the year of the Giveaways and free Membership Sites.
Now that I know this, I start to download more selectively, but still am working out ways to get an overwiew over the vast vault of my X-Drive...

It probably contains more then I ever need to become a successful marketer, and 1000s of $$ worth of resell rights and private label products. - Only, can I still sell them? Or did everyone buy the same things as special offer in joining a programm - if not got them for free, like me, in a giveaway? - I suppose, nobody upgrades anymore in membership sites either, but rather waits for the next flood of freebies.

Still, the Giveaway JVs always manage to dig up some new Items even I did not know before (or have I just forgotten them?)

Here you find where I am now downloading all I need:
Gifts, Gifts, Gifts - Act Fast to Get Them All

Neila's Crazy Giveaways: List of Other People's Crazy Giveaways

Internet Marketing always gets more and more competitive, specially for beginners who must learn the techniques with what is offered before they can really start, pick a niche and get Affiliations for more specific things. - But where will that lead, when I now cannot even bribe really many people to join my lists?

The Ultimate Website Videos are great stuff - but I fear everyone has them by now... - Well, I must find a new incentive soon,
if the promise to inform about the hottest stuff I can find free always as soon as possible
and the fact that I only join list builders that really deliver for free members,
don't flood me with emails, and have uplines that don't send trash either,
is not enough...

Btw, My lists are not completed yet and will be updated, and I must make one soon about all the coolest membership sites around. (Which I will check out new and introduce to my Downlines at once.)

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