Monday, July 10, 2006

Who Needs a Free Website ?

Answer: Everybody who does not possess his own already!

It is just not true, that you don't need a website, if you want to start Internet Marketing.

Read more on my (free, ready made) Adsense Website!
Affiliate Marketing
You too can get a new one each month - just insert your adsense code and upload it to your server, then update it now and then with your own or some PLR articles.
An Article site is one of the top Marketing Instruments.
(Watch out for the downloads I added, and for the link at the bottom of the pages that shows you the way to get one for yourself)

You need to have your domain for this of course, Where you can manage your own sites.

The next-best opportunity, and completely free, is a blog. You even find places, where you are paid for blogging and showing your blog, like I do here:

There are many Web hosts around in the net, that give you a free site, it is mostly quite limited, but good for fun and experiments.

A very useful Free Homepage for beginners is offered by a marketing community I recently joined: Here you get Qualified Advertising plus your own Homepage and much more free.
Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

What you see, when you click is my fully customizable Affiliate Page - It is on my server, but could also be on theirs.

My free Homepage there is still under construction - it will look somewhat like this:

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