Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where can You find a whole Land of fr33 Internet Marketing?

Hello Biz Friend,

Let me tell You about a ‘Land’ in Cyberspace where all is free to use.
I am always watchful about hidden costs in free services;
You know Yourself that You are forced to upgrade sometimes to get the
real service or to earn money. – Not found any there!
(You can always buy more at reasonable prices, but what You get free is
really more than enough for a start.)

Now, where is this Land? - Right Here:

It is called Adland Pro
What You saw when You clicked the link above is my custom Homepage
for free Affiliates – customised with many of my own links.

The search directory is where Your Advertisment could be found.
It would also rotate in the Affiliate’s ‘own’ mobile Traffic Exchange

I used my own domain for these sites. But if you don’t have one – no problem.
You sign up with an associated host for Your Own Website
(you are the admin of this site and can do what you want, shop included).
(I had no time to finish mine yet, so I cannot show it here. I will make it
according to the tutorial that comes with it.)

Let's summarize the features of Adland Pro: There is not only
- Classified Advertising
- Your own Homepage
- Email-Account
- Rewarding Affiliate Program

It is a ‘land’ as I said: You would join a Friendly Community of Marketers
where You can also
- find Contacts (I got many Invitations already)
- join Forums or open Your own
- send Private Messages
- Chat
- Tutorials
- EZines

And yes, all is free.
Let me invite You to Adland Pro!

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