Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Brand NEW" - aTurn-Off ? - Not when List Builders are Concerned!

True, everything is praised as „Brand New“, specially those scammy get-rich–quick-schemes, which I would never join or promote. But the best time to join a MAIL-SERVICE is when it is Brand New.

WHY ? – They need members, ‘cause they want to grow. They make great offers for joining and helping in promotion.
THEY NEED YOU. They have empty TOP positions to be filled and offer those for free or pennies during the start. We don’t want just quick cash, we are serious marketers. What we want is serious EFFECTIVE FREE ADVERTISING (if there is a bit money in that we sure don’t mind, lol.) Here they are:

The no cost VIRAL EMAIL MATRIX – join in top position now. Planned FREE for ever, great features, email and RSS publishing. Useful stuff to download for linking and promoting on your website.

UTOPIAN Safelist: - Be sure to click on the flash banner before you join to register for free Utopian Membership! The crazy mouse leads you to the LAUNCH PROMOTION – You get a great software package and 6 Month FREE UPGRADE !– if it still runs - so join right now. (Refer, get commissions and keep it free forever) (yahoo is banned unfortunately)

ListExplode - You get: Cool bonusses for joining, you can make money by building your list (to earn the expensive but not really necessary upgrade), easy to manage.

OPPORTUNITY.COM - mail to a random anonymous downline equal to your refs for more different readers each time. - cool lead capture system -click below and see what happens
Does this convince you? (hmm, perhaps you get an error, then refresh and allow a popup)

SafelistXplosion - quite quiet up to now, so good chances for new mailers to get attention.)

Cash-Blaster - the Safelist that pays you every month. Increase the response rate to all of your programs by marketing with one of the best safelists on the net. 50,000 visitors to your website, 1,000,000 banner ad impressions, win additional cash and prizes. Sign up FREE today! - Special Offer Upgrade.

JT’s Ad Venture – Safelist, free Platinums now, as long as they last.

There are more reasons then just the availability of top positions. New concepts are needed. More about this to come.

And Updates on List Builders and Safelists are in Neila's Crazy Giveaways.

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