Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Not only for Newbies. Everyone can profit can profit from
=== Money Legs ===
You can take ten courses helping you to make money in the net, starting in their partner programs:

=== Tsunami Gold ===
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=== Viral Host ===
Provides Domains and Hosting, lots of tools and what else a webmaster needs. Not sure if you need this? - become a free affiliate, refer some people and get it free.

=== Blog Estates === you get
your new blog, (small fee when You want to use it for marketing) free tutorial on blogs.

5 click through TRAFFICEXCHANGES
With various additional features belong to this group also:
In addition to the surf bar you can post links, short articles, text ads on the frontpage, subscribe your page to a niche directory, mail to your direct referrals - a different feature in each one.
Start bonusses, credits, cash, ... - no get rich scam, but good free viral advertising.
ViralClassAds We deliver Guaranteed VISITORS, not Hits!
Yes, I admit it, by now I am a ClickAholic ;) it is funny to surf there, I won cash here and in the the others too from the start.
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L E M M I N G R U N  We deliver Guaranteed VISITORS, not Hits!
This here as well - now I must really create my own banner - they show me how.

Not enough? (the fifth is Tsunami Gold)
Here is another one related to them
=== 10kHits4UNow ===
To get full benefits from the system you should join them all You won't regret it, even without my bribe. (;-)

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