Monday, March 20, 2006

About my New Blog

The new improved Blog of the Space-Biz-Lady Neila-Sabine is here.
But this here Blog will have CONTENT. I don't just tell You JOIN and GRAB IT, I explain why I did, and why You should.
Neila's Crazy Giveaways will still run in the Traffic Exchanges, but only with one or two newest featured posts. Then the content is sorted and put up HERE, with all the important links and smaller banners.

I still don't have a sales-page and my Blogs are still private, not commercial (although I sure hope it will help me making $$$$$ )

Would You like to receive a Newsletter from me? -
No need to subscribe, always fearing I might fill Your box with daily mailings (that would be superflous work for both of us).

Better idea: BOOKMARK my Page and look in whenever You have time. Just don't miss to really do that!
Best alternative: adopt the RSS feed to Your Yahoo, MSN, Google or whatever RSS reader You use. Here it is:
Feel free to eMail my Posts to Yourself or friends that might be interested - do not spam of course!
By providing the eMail symbol below my posts I will not be responsible for abuse by persons who use this feature. Any complaints about such mailings should be made to them first, but You may inform me as well, in case I am able to do something about it.

Keep in Touch :) - Comments (which are automatically mailed to me) and Questions are always welcome.

Let's read each other soon


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